We Build AI Solutions for Financial Markets

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We Believe AI Can Improve Investing For All

AI can reach objective conclusions from studying patterns across lots of data.

Humans can provide the right data and invaluable context to machines.

We believe combining both can result in better investing for all.

“I would probably bet on the human plus machine”

Gary Kasparov
World Chess Champion 1986 – 2005

Our Mission


R&D of AI & machine learning (“ML”) software for financial markets

  • Investing via better performance
  • Lower fees, and wider access

Perception of technology-driven investing by increasing transparency

Our Approach

Idea Generation

Gather Data: Quantitative & qualitative

Collect, organize, tag, store data: textual (e.g., transcripts, filings, news articles, analyst opinions), company fundamentals & technicals, market structure, macroeconomic data, third party forecasts, alternative data.

Thesis Validation

Train Models: AI/Machine learning models

Using methods ranging from the latest natural language processing methods in deep learning to regression to tree-based learners, we construct a variety of models that are optimized to predict future performance.

Position Management

Build Trader: Reinforcement Learning (RL*)

Using forecasts from our asset models, along with a variety of other market and historical data, use the latest reinforcement learning methodologies to train an agent on how to optimally buy, sell, or hold a security.

Our Progress

  • 24+ months of development on deep network technology
Our Product Today
  • Generate 3,000+ US stock predictions daily
  • Beta-testing RL agent to automate trading
Our Product Tomorrow
  • Use proficiency to build bespoke investment products & capabilities




Investors & Careers:

Shanif Dhanani


Manan Shah