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Acquire and Retain Customers With A.I.

We help ecommerce companies increase customer lifetime value and improve retention by predicting buyer behavior

benefit #1

Predict Buyer Retention

Our churn prediction models predict the probability that your customers will make repeat purchases or churn based on their purchasing habits and behavior

benefit #2

Identify Buyers, Not Browsers

Segment your customers, either automatically or with your own conditions, to help you find which customers are likely to purchase and which are just looking

benefit #3

Spend Smarter, Go Farther

Analyze which activities trigger the best buyers so you can invest in the right channels at the right time

What You'll Get

Data-Driven Marketing For Ecommerce

Understand Users

Analyze historical data to understand what pre-purchase actions result in the best buyers

Predict KPIs

From predicting churn to increasing retention, know which factors move the needle the most

Personalize Your Messages

Use behavioral segments to group and personalize messages to your customers

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Getting started with Apteo is pretty easy. Simply connect your backend payments or ecommerce system, and we'll pull in all your data, predict which of your customers are likely to churn, create behavioral segments, and provide you with retention metrics to help you optimize your store
How much does Apteo cost?
Apteo uses a consumption model for our pricing. View our Pricing page for more details.

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