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How the Smartest Growth Teams Predict Buyers

Data-driven marketers use Apteo to identify opportunities through automated predictive insights.


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benefit #1

Forecast Your KPIs

Predict the future - no experience necessary. With Apteo you can understand which customers are most likely to churn in a matter of minutes and how best to re-engage them.

benefit #2

Identify Buyers, not Browsers

Analyze your existing data to identify attributes associated with your best buyers. On the flip side, understand which users are just browsing and aren’t likely to convert.

benefit #3

Spend Smarter, Go Farther

Analyze which activities trigger the best buyers so you can invest in the right channels at the right time.


Marketing Predictive Insights Made For You

Understand Users

Analyze historical data to understand what pre-purchase actions result in the best buyers.

Predict KPIs

From predicting churn to increasing retention, know which factors move the needle the most.

Increase ROI

Optimize your advertising campaigns by targeting those most likely to convert.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Getting started with Apteo is pretty easy. Simply connect a data source like a CSV or your YouTube channel. One column of your data should feature what KPI you’re trying to measure - like whether they’re unsubscribed or churned - and the rest of the columns are attributes about your users like their average cart value or the original source.

Then, Apteo automatically analyzes your data in a matter of minutes. We surface predictive insights like what your best users look like and what channels perform the best.
Do I need to clean my data to use Apteo?
The most important part of finding success with Apteo is having clean data. If you’re unsure how to clean your data or need a hand, we’re happy to help. Schedule a demo to learn how we can help clean your data for you and get you set up on Apteo.
Why would I choose Apteo over Databox or Mixpanel?
These tools are designed to help you report on your current performance. Apteo layers on top of these tools to help you gain deeper insights into customer segmentation and targeting. 
Does Apteo integrate with my existing tools?
Apteo can ingest data from a variety of sources including CSV, Salesforce, Hubspot, SQL, and many more.
What do you mean by Predictive Insights?
Unlike traditional data analytics platforms, Apteo is all about helping you gain insights into your users. We don’t just provide data dashboards or segmentation, we lead you to gaining new insights about future customers by analyzing historical data.
How much does Apteo cost?
Apteo uses a consumption model for our pricing. View our Pricing page for more details.

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