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Improve Retention and Increase Repeat Purchases With A.I.

We help ecommerce companies segment their customer base and predict buyer behavior to increase customer lifetime value and improve retention.

Plugs in to your existing tools

Turn your ecommerce marketing teams into growth superheroes

We help merchants scale their stores like never before with the power of A.I. 

Automatic Customer Segmentation

Identify different customer personas based on buying behaviors, not generic demographic data. Create your own segments too.

Predict Repeat Purchasers and Churn

Never wonder how much of your revenue is at risk anymore. Get real-time reports on how much of your customer base is at risk, and act on it today.

Track Campaign Performance By Segment

See how different groups of customers react to email campaigns, and get predictions for which users are likely to create a purchase after receiving an email and which might unsubscribe if you send them another message.

Advanced Store Analytics

Truly self-serve analytics you can start today without any help needed. Get detailed insights into how your store is performing better than ever.

Export Segments to your Favorite Email Platforms

One-click CSV exports of segmented customer lists so you can send personalized messaging straight from our tool.

Getting Started With Apteo

Connect Your Data. We'll Handle the Rest.

Connect your store’s data

With a click of a button, we let you hook into your e-commerce store, or backend payments system to our platform.

Automatically segment your customers

Once we import your data, we'll use it to train various A.I. models that segment your customers by purchase intent, understand how your customers churn, and when you should send an email to them.

Personalize outreach to customers

Based on our A.I. models, you’ll can easily retarget customers with personalized emails and offers using our Klaviyo integration.

Increase Repeat Sales For Free

See how the best ecommerce stores are using Apteo to grow their business