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Predictive Analytics Built For Your Customer Funnel

You have data in systems like Salesforce, MailChimp, or even your own data warehouse. We combine it all and use it to predict what you should do next to grow your business.

Stop Waiting On Your Data Team For Answers

Powerful insights, data visualizations, and dashboards with just a few clicks

Automated insights no human could find
Predictive Insights
Quickly and easily answer questions
Self-Serve Analytics
Analyze data with clicks, not code
No Tech Expertise Needed
Collaborate with your team
Sharing and Collaboration
Get Insights In Minutes

Predictive Insights From A.I.

Use our most powerful feature to identify the key drivers of your KPIs in just four easy steps

Connect Your Data

Effortlessly connect your data wherever it lives in just minutes

Select Your KPI

Choose the column that represents the metric you want to analyze

Set Your Attributes

Choose the columns that you want to use to analyze your KPI

Get Your Insights

See which combinations of attributes impact your KPI
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What Others Say

See Why Data-Driven Professionals Love Apteo

Anyone working with data and needs to visualize it should use Apteo. For VC investors who don’t code, this is a 10x improvement to working with Excel or spreadsheets.

Dominic Lau
Principal @ Ripple Ventures

It took me 3 months to feel entirely comfortable working in Tableau. With Apteo, I learned my way around the platform and built my first dashboard in a few hours.

Keita Eriawan
Data Research Analyst

The Apteo platform is extremely easy to use. I was able to gain great insights quickly on projects I'm currently working on.

Caroline Sanson
Product Manager

Apteo reveals new business insights in an incredibly simple, user-friendly way. Measuring KPIs has never been so easy! I recommend this platform.

Jude Ahor
Customer Support Specialist

Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and sales.

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock

Apteo was incredibly simple and easy to use. I was able to plug in my user data and within 1 minute gain insights none of our current data stores and tools could deliver.

Sean Grayson
Ad Tech Engineer
Predictive Insights Use Cases

Automatically Identify Key Drivers
For Your Most Important KPIs

From churn to attrition to SaaS, predictive insights can help you identify key patterns in any number of unique use cases where you have data

Analyze Churn

Find the patterns in user behavior that lead to the highest likelihood of churn
Read More

Drive E-Commerce Sales

Analyze and predict the users that are most likely to purchase from you based on web traffic data
Read More

Understand Employee Attrition

Identify patterns that are likely to lead to your employees leaving
Read More
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Self-Service Analytics

Dive In Yourself - No
Technical Experience Needed

Don't want to let the machine have all the fun? We've got you covered with self-service analytics tools to help you explore and discover trends that let you make informed decisions

Build Data-Driven Dashboards

Easily add all your analytics, text, graphs, and images into dashboards that anyone on your team can see

  • Comment anywhere in your dashboard to notify your team members of anything you want to highlight
  • Lay out your components in a format that works best for you and your team
  • Send a message to your members whenever anything changes

Create Beautiful Data Visualizations

Quickly and easily graph your data, including sophisticated joins, filters, and groupings whenever you need to

  • Graph key metrics over time or by category
  • Quickly and easily switch between a variety of different graphs and charts
  • Filter and group your data as needed

Share And Collaborate With Your Team

Invite your teammates, set permissions, share analyses, and comment all from your team's centralized data workspace

  • Control who has access to edit your team's workspace and refresh your data
  • Comment and send messages right from your centralized workspace
  • Alert and notify your team when there are any major changes they need to be aware of

Train And Host Your Own Predictive Models

If you have a product that you think can benefit from predictive technologies, you can easily train your own models on Apteo and use our API to integrate their predictions into your app

  • Train models simply and easily, no technical experience required
  • Generate and use predictions from your own models via our API
  • Filter and group your data as needed
Get Started Now For Free

See Apteo In Action

The Apteo platform makes it easy for you to start analyzing your data within minutes. Watch this end-to-end demo to see how fast it is to get started.

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Data and analytics for every industry

Who We Help

We let teams connect and analyze their most important data using sophisticated data science tools in a simple and intuitive interface

Business Analysts

Use statistical tests to analyze how changes to your product or service affect your key metrics, and visualize these changes with fully interactive dashboards and some of the best charting tools online.
Learn More

Software and Tech

Monitor users’ activities in your software and analyze the data to understand customer behaviors. Create predictive models and host them on the Apteo platform, and make predictions in your own apps.
Learn More


Deliver powerful dashboarding and reporting solutions to your clients, as well as sophisticated prediction and statistical modeling tools in an easy-to-understand interface. Develop reporting templates to leverage across all clients, facilitating project development time and enhancing the quality of client deliverables.
Learn More

Financial Professionals

Validate new and alternative datasets to determine leading indicators, and use A.I. to forecast key metrics into the future. Blend structured and unstructured data, build analytical models, assess risk, and quickly provide complex, analytical results to all stakeholders.
Learn More


Use website visitor data along with Salesforce data to develop real-time forecasting, prioritize leads, and enable sales teams to focus on the right opportunities.
Learn More


Put all of the data you have about your customers, acquisition channels, and usage behavior to work to identify customers likely to respond well to campaigns, reduce churn, and optimize ad spend.
Learn More


Accurately price policies by methodically segmenting customers; analyze industry trends and risk exposure; streamline policy, claim, and payout processes; deliver better customer service to your clients.
Learn More


Identify gaps in supply chain efficiency, track customer behavior, determine your most profitable customers, and gain more insight into shopping cart behavior. Optimize sales performance by uncovering pain points on the path to purchase and evaluate how website activities impact conversion rates.
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Human Resources

Visualize compensation trends, model employee attrition, and handle all other people analytics on a single workspace that's connected to your data.
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Generate forecasts around product demand, yield, and reliability, linking production to customer demand. Analyze repair data using predictive models to decrease unscheduled maintenance to machines and components and reveal patterns that can lead to the failure of manufacturing equipment.
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Corporate Data Teams

Develop a universal view of your company’s data to maximize productivity via operational transparency, demand forecasting, supply chain management, and logistics and operations. Connect and analyze your data using sophisticated data science tools in a simple, intuitive workspace.
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