About Apteo

Apteo was founded in 2017 in New York City by data scientists, engineers, and financial analysts. We’re a data and analytics company that utilizes data science to help institutions and individuals manage, segment, centralize, correlate, and forecast data to make better decisions.

What We Do

Our mission is to bring customized, easy-to-use data management and analytics tools, powered by data science, to anyone who wants to make better data-driven decisions. Apteo’s no-code platform lets users manage, segment, centralize, correlate, and forecast data all in one place.

Our OneData platform brings a data-driven approach to everyone, letting users solve data relevance and analysis issues by centralizing all of their internal data alongside more than two million datasets aggregated and categorized by industry, company, and keyword; and through our analytics module, which lets users leverage advanced machine learning techniques to identify, forecast, and understand the most relevant drivers of key financial metrics. With our platform, users can make better data-driven decisions and accomplish their goals without having to be data scientists.

To learn more, email us at at info@apteo.co or visit our contact form.

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