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Data and Analytics For Finance Professionals

We help finance professionals source, centralize, and analyze the data they need to make informed decisions.

Buy Side Professionals

Buy side professionals are constantly looking for differentiated and predictive data. But with hundreds of different data vendors, not enough data scientists, and an increasingly fee-constrained world, it's not easy to find the data that you need to generate alpha.

Our platform provides a single location where your entire firm can store internal datasets alongside more than 2 million public datasets. We'll categorize your data, analyze which datasets are relevant to the assets and metrics you care about, and surface the most important data that you need to manage your portfolio.

With our analytics tools, you're able to test your hypotheses and validate key assumptions in your models. Our correlation engine provides you with the ability to quickly test your hypotheses about what factors are relevant for the securities you cover, and with our A.I. forecaster, you'll be able to use a purely data-driven approach to forecasting key metrics into the future.

Sell Side Professionals

Your clients are always looking for the most relevant research, and nothing sells better than hard facts and data. By incorporating supportive statistics into your research, you'll produce value added and differentiated reports. Apteo helps you centralize all of your firm's supporting data in a single location, making it visible to teammates across your firm.

Using a single platform, you can quickly integrate all of the different data sources that you're using today, as well as find new sources within our data library. Apteo centralizes your data, saving you time searching for internal or external sources, as well as runs millions of off-line correlations across your data and key financial metrics, so you know the most important statistics for your research.


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