Case Study: Bits of Stock

Measuring Lift With Apteo's Before/After Analyzer

Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive  business and sales
Arash Asady
CEO, Bits of Stock

The Challenge

As a fast-growing fintech startup that’s helping brands improve their customer loyalty through stock ownership, Bits of Stock analyzed lots of data on how customers changed their spending behavior when using their app.

In order to grow their business, the team had to prove that their service, which provides shares of stock to consumers who shop at affiliated retail partners, was helping to drive incremental sales at these partners.

The Solution: Apteo's No-Code Analysis Tools

By using Apteo’s Before/After analyzer, which lets users run sophisticated statistical tests with just a few clicks of a mouse, the team was able to quickly show increases in the following categories, all with a p-value of 0.01:

  • 12% increase in overall basket size after 6 months
  • 18% lift with retail partners
  • 17% lift for travel partners
Results: Saved Time and Automated Reports

By connecting and analyzing their data on Apteo, Bits of Stock was able to automate a redundant analysis task, freeing up time for their engineers and analysts to focus on other projects.


Bits of Stock


New York


Customer Loyalty

Use Case

Statistically analyze lift in customer spending

Bits of Stock is a consumer rewards platform that drives loyalty through stock ownership. Bits is on a mission to give back wealth to the least invested generation in history--the 91 million millennial consumers, representing $1.3 billion in annual spending power.

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