Case Study: Ripple Ventures

Understanding SaaS Business KPIs During Due Diligence With Apteo

Anyone working with data and needs to visualize it should use Apteo. For VC investors who don’t code, this is a 10x improvement to working with Excel or spreadsheets
Dominic Lau
Principal, Ripple Ventures

The Challenge

As a SaaS venture fund, we typically gather transaction data from startups during due diligence that include customer IDs, contract start dates, billings, revenue, churn, etc. The most challenging part of this work is cutting the data into a clear, concise, and understandable way to share with the team. We don’t want dozens of pivot tables that link to graphs into PowerPoint slides.

The Status Quo Is Time Consuming

Creating visualizations is time consuming and the process is manual. The current way to do it is creating a pivot table, or creating a filter in the data and dragging cells to build a graph. This is not scalable if you’re working with highly segmented data, and can take over an hour if you’re analyzing dozens of segments. Depending on seasonality, I can be working on multiple deals at once and this work can take hours out of each work week to accomplish.

The Solution: Apteo’s No-Code Analysis Tools

By using Apteo’s Explore function, we can easily visualize and analyze transaction data from a company during due diligence. Instead of spending hours creating data tables and then copy and pasting into PowerPoint, I am able to visualize and present the data to my team in 30 minutes by inviting them to Apteo workspaces.

50% Decline
time to build data visuals
3+ Hours
in time saved per week
15 Minutes
to build a workspace

Ripple Ventures


Toronto, Canada


Venture Capital

Use Case

New Deal Due Diligence

Ripple Ventures is a venture capital firm that invests in pre-seed and seed-stage companies operating in the enterprise software sector across North America.

During deal due diligence, Ripple makes decisions with as much data as possible. Everything from market sizing, evaluating customer profiles, understanding key business metrics, and even potential exit outcomes.

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The Results: Data Analyses Are Always Updated, Lots of Saved Time

By connecting and analyzing their data on Apteo, Ripple is able to make better investment decisions by more efficiently breaking down data when evaluating a company. Using Apteo data visualization and analytics, Ripple can present KPIs in a way that is easily digestible for the team. Additionally, everyone always has access to the latest data and analyses in one place with Apteo data workspaces.