We're techies that love data, A.I., and all the ecom folks that are hustling to build the life they want

Who we are

We are data geeks and software nerds. We are immigrants. We are real people. And we care about your business. While we love coding and building A.I., we're the happiest when our software results in new sales, or higher ROAS than you thought possible, or an increase in your AOV.

We care so much because we've seen how hard it is to build a business. Because our parents worked incredibly hard to start companies. Because we believe that hustlers should be rewarded, that hard work should pay off, and that anyone who wants to build a better life for themselves can do it with some blood, sweat, & tears.

We've been building data & A.I. systems our whole careers at companies like TapCommerce, Twitter, Datadog, and Booz Allen Hamilton, and we're excited to bring this world of A.I. to you and your brand.

Where we are

While we're a remote team, we proudly started (and continue) to build code and analyze data in midtown Manhattan.

If you ever find yourself in New York City, drop us a line and we'll buy you a cup of coffee.

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