How Elizabeth Mott Increased AOVs And Decreased CPMs With Apteo

Apteo helped Elizabeth Mott grow overall revenue and improve their advertising metrics by using data to optimize what they were doing

Elizabeth Mott sources high-performing K-beauty ingredients to create innovative formulations for products that exceed expectations. Their products combine high-performance makeup and skincare formulas with all of the fun of K-Beauty. As an up-and-coming brand facing challenges from iOS privacy updates, they needed a more efficient way to drive sales. That's where Apteo came in.

“[Apteo] provides so many insights and opportunities to shape your marketing strategies rather than trial and error. Integrates with our Klaviyo and Postscript and everything is housed within a very UI-friendly dashboard so you can digest key analytics. Support team is the best - they're very dedicated to your growth!”

Pam Lee
Elizabeth Mott E-Commerce + Digital Marketing Manager

Elizabeth Mott

Elizabeth Mott brings the innovative, high-performing nature of Korean beauty products to customers around the world. They combine high-quality ingredients, fun and appealing marketing, and a compelling brand story to find and engage with their customers.

But as a breakout brand, they needed to break out all of the tools in their toolkit for driving growth without breaking the bank. They knew that their existing email and paid social marketing could go farther, but didn't know where to start. That's when they started using Apteo's data-driven recommendations to find new ways to sell their existing products to their engaged customer base.

Marketing Optimization

Paid Social

Elizabeth Mott installed the Apteo app for free from the Shopify app store and used their analytics and reports to make changes to their marketing strategy that resulted in new sales within days.

To optimize their top of the funnel acquisition strategy, they leveraged one of Apteo's most powerful strategies - using their Big Spenders segment as the basis for a lookalike campaign. By syncing their segments of their best customers to Facebook and then creating lookalike audiences based on those segments, they launched a new customer acquisition campaign that reduced their CPMs by 46.6%, from $34.80 to $18.55.


To supplement their paid social campaigns, Elizabeth Mott ran a parallel email campaign designed to target customers with high-probability cross-sale offers. By leveraging Apteo's personalized product recommendations in Klaviyo, in combination with a discount ladder, they were able to generate an additional 8.5% of incremental revenue attributable to email in less than a month.

Growing The Brand

They also know the importance of using customer data to guide their marketing efforts across all channels, and continue to use all of Apteo's data-driven insights and automations to optimize their efforts. Going forward, they plan on leveraging the bundle analytics found in their Apteo account to group products together based on items that are frequently purchased together, a tactic that has resulted in notable incremental revenue for other brands.

As they grow, they'll be able to leverage their strong origins, compelling story, and appealing visuals in combination with deep insights, predictive analytics, and hyper-personalized cross-sells to drive more sales and increase brand engagement.

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Reduced CPM from $35 to $19 on paid social


Incremental CTRs from 0.85% to 1.14% on paid social


Increased revenue attributed to revenue from email

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Apteo helped us find so many holes and opportunities in our marketing efforts, specifically for email, SMS and our website. Since using their powerful AI analytics, we've been able to hyper-target our customer base and have seen great results. The team is very responsive and supportive.

Pam Lee

"Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and sales."

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock

"Apteo helped us find cross-sale opportunities that increased our incremental revenue and grew our reconversion rate by an additional 20%."

Aly Shakoor
Owner/Operator At Hydronize

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