How Fluff Trough Grew An Incremental 13% And Hit 5.4X ROAS With Apteo

See how Apteo helped Fluff Trough launch campaigns to win back their at-risk customers and acquire new customers using personalized campaigns.

Fluff Trough provides 3D-printed feeder bowls for pets. For the past few years, they have relied on word of mouth to grow. Until they met Apteo, they held off on doing any paid social marketing, but with our help, they launched their first few campaigns and saw encouraging ROAS and sales by using a smart segmentation strategy.

Fluff Trough

Fluff Trough founder Debra was looking for a better way for her pug, Pork Chop, to eat out of a bowl when she came up with the idea of printing her own feeder bowl. After Pork Chop chowed down from the new bowl, she showed her prototype to a few of her friends, who all loved it. Seeing such a strong reaction to her invention, she poured her savings into the company and created a new and growing pets brand.

As a solo founder, she had relied on word of mouth and posting on social media to grow her business. She had always wanted to try advertising, but she never had the time to get around to it - until she met Apteo.

Retention and acquisition campaigns

Fluff Trough worked with Apteo to identify various segmentation-based marketing strategies that they could experiment with via email and social media to identify ways to increase retention and acquisition.

After installing Apteo’s Shopify app, our team looked at the segments and data from their account, and came up with several key strategies for helping them grow sales, including the following:

  • Win-back campaigns via email and SMS to get dormant customers to make a repeat purchase
  • Cross-sell campaigns to get active customers to buy a new product that they’re likely to want
  • New customer acquisition campaigns by finding new customers on social media that look similar to their existing customers

As part of their trial period, we also came up with a project plan, and even set up their Facebook marketing infrastructure.

Over the next several weeks, we launched multiple campaigns using Apteo’s segments and monitored their results.

After just three weeks, Fluff Trough grew their monthly revenue by 13% through these combinations, and saw an impressive 5.5X ROAS on their retention and win-back campaigns on Facebook. In addition, they gained several first time customers and cross-sold products to several of their existing customers, resulting in a profitable launch of data-driven campaigns.

Segmentation is key

By tailoring their messaging to different customers based on the segments provided by Apteo, they were able to incentivize purchases from customers across the entire funnel in a scalable and repeatable way. In addition, they didn’t have to lift a finger, as our team helped them throughout the entire process.

If you’re interested in trying Apteo for your own brand, just get in touch with us and we’ll do the same for you.


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