How Rampage Coffee Made $18.8K Of Coffee And Merch With Apteo

Apteo helped Rampage Coffee combat stagnating sales through a carefully targeted, data-driven advertising push. See how they launched an effective email and social campaign using their data and our segments.

Rampage Coffee is a specialty coffee company popular for its strong, rich, and smooth coffee roasted fresh to order. Like most businesses, the founders found themselves struggling to maintain growth. They turned to Apteo’s personalized, data-driven strategies to craft a marketing plan to jump start their sales.

Rampage Coffee Co.

Rampage Coffee Co. owners Dustin and Lauren were tired of drinking the same old coffee. And as both busy entrepreneurs and new parents, they wanted a healthy, delicious brew that would help them through the daily grind. When they couldn’t find that perfect balance between strong, smooth, and tasty coffee, they decided to make it themselves. So, Rampage Coffee Co. was born!

After a successful launch in 2018, Rampage Coffee Co. gathered a dedicated fanbase of coffee-lovers. But as the years went on, the company’s growth started to plateau. With sales growth becoming a key consideration, the team knew they needed a more structured, data-driven marketing approach to kick start new sales, re-engage their fanbase, and reach new audiences.

Building A Data-Driven Campaign Strategy

As Rampage started to see their paid social costs go up, they knew that they would need to try new and improved strategies to drive more sales. While they had a strong social media presence, they were interested in seeing how they could better leverage their existing ads account in conjunction with their email and SMS marketing tools to drive repeat sales while optimizing their new customer acquisition campaigns for ROAS.

After installing Apteo's Shopify app, they worked with our team to identify strategies for campaigns based on their customer data. Apteo helped them identify 3 key Facebook strategies and 5 email strategies to test during their extended free trial. Our team worked with their existing marketing agency to design and implement Facebook and email campaigns, while also providing them with pro bono advice and consulting for new SMS tools. Working in conjunction with their founders, our team created and executed on a project plan that resulted in sales from multiple channels and new campaigns.

Recipients and messaging

To identify high-potential campaigns, we used a combination of Apteo's automatic segments and product analytics to discover new opportunities for messaging that would land with different groups of customers. Rampage had a healthy set of historical data that resulted in several distinct segments of customers that would respond well to different messaging. The team landed on the following 5 segments to focus on:

  • Big Spenders - since Rampage had a strong and large group of high-spending customers, we knew there was an opportunity to target these customers with a campaign to drive high AOVs. We landed on a special offer for these customers: buy a 5lb. bag of coffee (one of Rampage's more expensive coffee products) and get a toque for $1. In addition, we knew we could use a lookalike audience of Big Spenders to drive sales on Facebook
  • At-risk Customers - while Rampage had one of the strongest retention rates we've seen, they still had several customers who were at-risk of not coming back. We identified this group of customers to be targeted with win-back campaigns and discounts
  • Customers that like bundles - Rampage had a healthy group of customers that responded well to bundled offers, so we decided to provide this group of customers with the same offer that we identified for Big Spenders, as the combination of a bag of coffee and a toque would make for a good bundled offer
  • Customers likely to buy a 5lb. bag - Apteo's A.I. system identified this group of customers, which allowed us to come up with a fairly straightforward campaign - incentivize the purchase of a 5lb. bag of coffee
  • Customers with product recommendations - Apteo's system identifies potential matches between customers and products, and syncs these matches to Klaviyo, we knew that we could use this segment to create a simple flow that highlighted the top products for each person


After developing the messaging strategy, the next step was to determine the channels for each strategy using Rampage's existing marketing tools. We identified the following channels for each segment:

  • Facebook: New customer acquisition campaigns using lookalike audiences, incentivize middle-of-funnel customers to make repeat purchases
  • Klaviyo (email): Win-back at-risk customers with a discount campaign, incentivize big spenders and customers that like bundles to make a repeat purchase, create emails with individualized product recommendations, target customers likely to buy a 5lb. bag of coffee

We started with lower budgets on Facebook, and in order to maximize sales, we targeted emails to coincide with the launch of Facebook campaigns.

Emails Drove Huge Sales and Facebook Brought In New Customers

Apteo’s data-driven audience marketing led Rampage Coffee to see email open rates as high as 79% for select segments, and CTRs averaging between 4-7%. We ran multiple Facebook campaigns, some of which hit a 12X ROAS. In less than 4 weeks, Apteo drove enough sales to account for 17% of all of Rampage's sales during that time period. Facebook campaigns targeting Apteo customers directly resulted in 2-3X ROAS, and campaigns that targeted lookalike audiences resulted in 1.5X-2X ROAS, notable for a D2C brand that sells consumable products.

Know Your Audience, Grow Your Audience

With an ever-changing consumer landscape, it’s more important than ever for businesses to know their audiences - who they are, what they want, and how best to reach them. If you don’t shift your marketing approach as your audience shifts, you’ll find it difficult to maintain forward momentum in growing your business. But by taking the time to research your audience and leverage a data-driven advertising plan, you can continue to take your business to new heights.

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Apteo helped us find so many holes and opportunities in our marketing efforts, specifically for email, SMS and our website. Since using their powerful AI analytics, we've been able to hyper-target our customer base and have seen great results. The team is very responsive and supportive.

Pam Lee

"Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and sales."

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock

"Apteo helped us find cross-sale opportunities that increased our incremental revenue and grew our reconversion rate by an additional 20%."

Aly Shakoor
Owner/Operator At Hydronize

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