How Xookool Boosted Acquisition And Retention With Apteo

Apteo helped Xookool make its Facebook ads profitable and run effective win-back and cross-sell campaigns on Klaviyo

Xookool has a huge variety of fashion and accessories made for the stylish and discerning woman. Their print-on-demand capabilities allow them to offer thousands of different styles. But they needed to revamp their digital marketing strategies, so they turned to Apteo to create profitable and effective campaigns.

“[Apteo] is a great app with many features that helps you improve your sales, AOV, LTV and optimize ROAS. On top of that, a great support team.”

Amilcar Arevalo
Owner of Xookool


Xookool brings innovative, stylish, and trendy fashion to women around the world. Their print-on-demand model enables them to offer thousands of different products to customers at scale. But like every brand, they are facing intense competition, reduced paid social effectiveness, and challenges with growth.

The updates from Apple's iOS privacy changes hit them exceptionally hard, as they were heavily reliant on paid social media to bring in new customers. They reached out to Apteo to run a free trial of Apteo's segments and campaign ideas, and quickly became a customer after seeing the support and results from our updates.

Data-driven Marketing Strategy

Prior to using Apteo, Xookool was running broad-based Facebook campaigns to acquire new customers. They ran into several challenges, as many of their products were blocked on Facebook, and their return on ad spend (ROAS) was below 1, indicating they were spending more money than they were making.

They started an extended free trial with Apteo, which quickly identified various customer segments that could be targeted, leveraged for new customer acquisition, and cross-sold to. Apteo's customer success team used those insights to set up highly-targeted email and ad campaigns that included the following items:

  • Email and Facebook campaigns designed to get big spenders to make another purchase
  • A discount ladder email flow designed to get at-risk customers to return
  • Emails and ads targeted to customers that were likely to buy both specific products, like specific sunglasses or dresses, or products from collections
  • A new customer acquisition flow on Facebook that leveraged Xookool's best customer segments as lookalike audiences

Throughout the trial, Apteo's team provided campaign management and execution support, along with weekly reporting, A/B testing, and campaign optimization.

The results

The trial resulted in several different campaigns that drove additional, incremental sales. On Facebook, Xookool's new customer acquisition campaign resulted in positive ROAS for the brand for the first time in months, and their cross-sell campaigns resulted in incremental sales from new product purchases from existing customers.

On email, they recovered multiple at-risk customers and also drove new cross-sales from highly-targeted campaigns to customers that were likely to buy different products and from different collections.

They continue to run their new customer acquisition campaign on Facebook and are using email to drive more cross-sales and recover at-risk customers.

Growing The Brand

Since subscribing to Apteo, Xookool has put significant effort into expanding their product catalogue even further than it already was, optimizing their conversion rate, and incorporating SMS marketing into their stack. They use Apteo's marketing team to manage their email and SMS campaigns, and are quickly driving more sales.

If you’re interested in trying Apteo for free, just reach out to or learn more on our website.


ROAS from new customer acquisition campaigns (previously below 1x)


Number of cross-sell campaigns that resulted in new sales


Increased revenue attributed to revenue from email

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Apteo helped us find so many holes and opportunities in our marketing efforts, specifically for email, SMS and our website. Since using their powerful AI analytics, we've been able to hyper-target our customer base and have seen great results. The team is very responsive and supportive.

Pam Lee

"Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and sales."

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock

"Apteo helped us find cross-sale opportunities that increased our incremental revenue and grew our reconversion rate by an additional 20%."

Aly Shakoor
Owner/Operator At Hydronize

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