We've put together some basics to help you get started

Company Basics

How did the company start?
Who uses OneData?
How big is your team?
What products do you offer?

Platform Data

How do you source your data?
Are all the datasets on your platform only relevant to the U.S.?
Can you add datasets from non-English sources?
Can you acquire new datasets at a client’s request?
Are all your public datasets available for use by everyone on the platform?
How do you tag and categorize millions of datasets?
How do you handle messy or incomplete data?
Can you customize the charts and graphs on the OneData platform?

Coverage Universe

How many tickers are on your platform?
Can you add private companies onto your platform?
How long does it take to add new stocks or tickers onto the platform?


What types of data can be correlated on the platform?
What does the A.I. forecaster do?
How do these models learn from the data? How can they learn about the future if all they have is historical data?
Can Apteo produce confidence intervals for its point estimates?
What learning algorithms do you use?
Are there custom or advanced models for enterprise customers vs. professionals?
What kind of correlations can users run?
How does the forecaster work?
Can users see in-sample vs. out-of-sample metrics for the forecaster? What about other evaluation metrics?
Given the relatively low number of data points available for training, how accurate are the models you build?
Can clients incorporate their own proprietary learning models?

Data Integration

How can clients integrate their data onto the platform?
What data sources do you support?
Can clients use Apteo’s UI to integrate datasets from other vendors that are not on the platform?
Does client data need to be structured in a specific format to be onboarded onto the OneData platform?
Does Apteo perform data scraping for clients?

Working With Data Science Teams

How does Apteo work with internal data science teams?
Can clients add their own code or algorithms into the platform?
Can Apteo provide data via an API?
What kind of model files can you easily support?


How does Apteo work with enterprise to deploy the platform securely and in a compliance-friendly way?
How does Apteo handle updates and patches if the platform is hosted in the client’s cloud?
Can clients host data on their cloud and host everything else on Apteo’s cloud?


How do you ensure client data is secure, compliant, and protected?
Can you encrypt S3 files for secure sending if a client were to host data on their own cloud?

Client Support

What support do you provide?
How quickly does your team move?
Does Apteo customize its product based on client requests?