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At Apteo We Start With The Data

We believe in the power of data, and everything we do starts by using the treasure trove of information you have in your store to find the patterns and trends that will help you grow sales.

We Find And Recommend The Highest Probability Revenue Opportunities

We don't tell you to just send an email to everyone in your list, or to set up paid ads that spray and pray. We use sophisticated A.I. and machine learning to identify the specific groups of people that are most likely to buy specific products. By hyper-targeting who you send messages to, and by finding the products they're most likely to buy, you minimize unsubscribes, increase revenue, and build goodwill.

We Guide You To The Most Optimal Decision-Making And Messaging

By identifying what your customers will do next, we can group them into segments, predict when they'll make another purchase, predict when they'll go dormant, and surface the products that they're most likely to buy. When you know what a customer is likely to do next, you can optimize how you interact and communicate with them, making it easier for you to send the right message to the right person at the right time.

We Automate Predictive Analytics And Use That To Help Guide Your Strategy

We're constantly analyzing and predicting your repeat purchase rate, propensity to purchase, average order amount, rate of activity, time between purchase, and hundreds of other metrics to identify and forecast patterns in your store that are indicative of high-value customers. The patterns we find are the forefront of the suggestions that we make.

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