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Monitor the Business

Apteo can ingest your data and create a collaborative dashboard for your whole team to analyze key operational metrics. With Apteo business analysts can follow:

  • Daily sales
  • Foot traffic
  • Employee engagement

Analyze Performance

Whether you’re measuring the performance of a certain marketing campaign, employee, or geography, we help you analyze performance. With Apteo business analysts can start:

  • Comparing KPIs Across Segments
  • Statistically Analyzing Averages
  • Understanding correlations across their data

Predict Your Future Trends

Identify patterns that drive revenue with our no code Predictive Insights feature. With Apteo business analysts can predict:

  • Pricing
  • Top performing SKUs
  • Regional employee performance

Powerful analytics in a simple interface

You don't need to have a degree in math or data science to use Apteo. We provide the most sophisticated analytics tools in a simple interface, using everyday language, so you can get quick answers to your questions.





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