Financial Analytics

Track and Predict Revenue

With Apteo, internal finance teams can visualize, analyze, and predict financial analytics data to understand revenue and new opportunities.

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Analyze Company Revenue

Visualize leading indicators against key company metrics in a matter of minutes. With Apteo finance teams can visualize:

  • Foot traffic data
  • Most popular SKUs
  • Subscription churn

Make Key Recommendations

When the finance team is called upon to help with strategic decisions, use Apteo to visualize, analyze, and predict your data. With Apteo finance teams can:

  • Report back on budgets
  • Understand new market opportunities
  • Endorse risk mitigation features

Forecast the Future

Use our Predictive Insights feature to analyze historical data to predict future trends. With Apteo finance teams can:

  • Help predict sales forecasts
  • Anticipate fluctuating expenses
  • Foresee revenue trends

Powerful analytics in a simple interface

You don't need to have a degree in math or data science to use Apteo. We provide the most sophisticated analytics tools in a simple interface, using everyday language, so you can get quick answers to your questions.





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