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With Apteo, technology companies can reveal new insights using their existing data sources.

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Visualize Your KPIs

Understand your entire organization by bringing every team’s KPIs into a single platform. With Apteo teams can:

  • Build charts and graphs based on your data
  • Create beautiful dashboards
  • Bring teams together by correlating data across teams

Analyze Your Results

Whether you’re in sales, recruiting, or marketing, Apteo’s built-in analytics help you analyze campaign performance. With Apteo teams can:

  • See marketing trends
  • Evaluate cold email campaigns
  • Determine which recruiting channels work best

Predict Key Metrics

Anticipate key metrics over time using your existing data and our proprietary prediction algorithms. With Apteo teams can:

  • Forecast sales more accurately
  • Foresee which marketing channels will have the highest ROI
  • Understand the best types of users

Powerful analytics in a simple interface

You don't need to have a degree in math or data science to use Apteo. We provide the most sophisticated analytics tools in a simple interface, using everyday language, so you can get quick answers to your questions.





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