Sep 7, 2021

40+ Ecommerce Experts to Follow in 2021

Follow these ecommerce experts in 2021 to grow your ecommerce marketing abilities.

Shanif Dhanani

Whether you’re an ecommerce marketer yourself or are just looking to get started in growing your online store, these ecommerce experts are full of insights and secrets. 

We gathered a list of the top 42 ecommerce influencers you should follow. Each offers a unique perspective into a variety of sectors operating in the ecommerce industry with experience ranging from startups to Fortune 100 companies. Within their expertise, they cover topics including digital marketing, SEO/SEM, growth marketing, and customer retention.

These influencers will provide you with a solid foundation for growing an ecommerce brand in 2021 and beyond. 

  1. Dave Gerhardt

A former Marketing Manager at HubSpot, Vice President of Marketing at Drift, and co-author of Conversational Marketing, an Amazon bestseller in 2019, Dave Gerhardt is an established digital and B2B marketer. Currently, Gerhardt is the Chief Marketing Officer at Privy, the number one app for sales in the Shopify App Store. Privy is used by over 500,000 small ecommerce companies around the world to provide the tools, education, and support small ecommerce brands need to grow their online stores and build thriving businesses. 

  1. Ben Fisher 

Ben Fisher has been helping grow ecommerce companies for over 13 years. Formerly a Shopify expert and fractional CTO, Fisher, is now the co-founder of 1-Click Pony, a customer engagement solution. 1-Click Pony is made for subscription ecommerce brands to help increase repeat purchases by 10x. 

  1. Michela Lynch 

With 12 years of professional marketing experience, Michela Lynch uses her experience with customer acquisition and retention, SEO/SEM, online analytics, project management and CRM implementation to help lead ecommerce websites and multi-channel marketing campaigns through competitive markets. Currently, Lynch is the Chief Strategy Officer at Zero Gravity Marketing, a full-service marketing agency specializing in digital marketing including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click campaign management, website design, email marketing and social media. She is also the owner of Cake Commerce, a full-service ecommerce digital marketing agency tailored to the needs of eCommerce websites, stores, and boutiques.

  1. Ryan Turner

Ryan Turner has eight years of ecommerce marketing experience under his belt. Turner has focused on email marketing and social media advertising campaigns. Currently, Turner is the founder of The Email Funnels Agency, an email marketing agency that helps ecommerce brands generate profit through high-yielding email marketing strategies

  1. Brittany Tomkiewicz

Brittany Tomkiewicz has 9 years of experience working at a startup ecommerce beauty company. With extensive experience in brand and growth marketing, brand building, public relations, partnerships, affiliate marketing, social media strategy, Tomkiewicz has helped lead Birchbox through many phases of their business. Currently, Tomkiewicz is the Global Director of Brand Marketing and Partnerships.  

  1. Layla Amjadi

Layla Amjadi currently serves as the Product Lead for Instagram Shopping. The latest in Instagram for Business, Instagram Shopping is a set of features across Instagram that let people shop photos and videos no matter where they are in the app. Amjadi has helped build a world of Shopping features that tap into people’s existing behaviors to turn your business’s Instagram account into a shoppable storefront. In her time at Instagram, Amjadi has also managed and led Instagram’s Newsfeeds Ads and Explore Tab. 

  1. Tony Chvala

Tony Chvala is an accomplished global executive with more than twenty years of leadership in ecommerce, marketing, merchandising, private label, 3rd party marketplaces, and international expansion. Chvala has helped drive profitability for multi-billion-dollar P&L’s and Fortune 100 companies including Amazon, Groupon, GE and Sears. In addition, Chvala has led ecommerce startups and transfers with valuations ranging from $5MM to $150MM resulting in two successful exits.  

  1. Julie Channing

With more than 11 years of working in brand marketing, Julie Channing is a strategic, creative and analytical marketer with a proven track record of leading innovative programs that drive results. Channing has a breadth of knowledge and experience ranging from agency side to in-house work, building world-class brands from startup to heritage. Changing has been recognized by; Adweek, as a top 50: Media, Marketing and Tech Leader; Glossy, as a 50 Fashion Changemaker; and Forbes, as a 50 Game-Changing Marketing Leader. Currently, Channing is the Global VP of Marketing at Allbirds, a global footwear and fashion company.

  1. Elie Donahue

Elie Donahue has 15 years of experience building brands in tech, consumer goods, and retail. In her experience, Donahue has led digital and storefront marketing campaigns that connect people to products. Currently, Donahue is the SVP of Marketing at Rothys, a sustainable fashion company and ecommerce shop.  

  1. Noel Mack

Noel Mack is the Chief Brand Officer for the UK's fastest-growing company, Gymshark. Responsible for the global Gymshark brand strategy and brand marketing, with a particular focus on marketing to the 'Digital Native' through Social Media, Influencer Marketing, Creative, Events, PR and Customer Experience. Mack has over 12 years' experience in brand strategy, marketing and technology contributing to the growth of Gymsharks ecommerce store. 

  1. Kunle Campbell

Kunle Campbell is an experienced ecommerce advisor and CMO. With a history working with customer acquisition, digital branding and organic search growth, Campbell is now the ecommerce Growth Advisor and Customer Acquisition Expert at 2X ecommerce. Additionally, he has experience in customer acquisition, customer lifetime value and UX optimization. 

  1. Mark Hayes 

Mark Hayes is an experienced reporter and writer. Hayes is the former director of communications at Shopify. Hayes has many years of experience in ecommerce communications and strategy. Hayes is also an author of the book The Ultimate Guide to Dropshipping a guide on how to create a successful dropshipping business. 

  1. Andrew Youderain 

An experienced entrepreneur, Andrew Youderain, has over 20 years of experience in ecommerce startups. With his experience, Youderain has led 8-figure ecommerce stores to success. Currently, Youderian is the founder of ecommerce Fule Private Community, a private, vetted community for ecommerce store owners. With 1,000+ members and a thriving online forum, it's the most active Community online for experienced ecommerce entrepreneurs. 

  1. Nicole Leinbach Reyhle

Nicole Leinbach Reyhle is the Founder and Publisher of, a retail industry resource that has been recognized worldwide for its leading business insight since 2007. With a core concentration on independent retailers, small businesses, technology and how the various touchpoints of commerce influence modern merchants, Reyhle is a frequent guest and contributor to various media outlets that include The Today Show, Forbes, and countless B2B publications. Additionally, Reyhle has been the Spokesperson for American Express’s Small Business Saturday since 2014 and is the author of the book “Retail 101: The Guide to Managing and Marketing Your Retail Business” from McGraw-Hill. Reyhle is also the Co-Founder of the Independent Retailer Conference. 

  1. Elliott Davidson 

An established digital marketer, Elliott Davidson has worked with many companies looking to drive more traffic, convert more sales, and grow in their industry. In 2006, Davidsons’ company Internet Garden was honored by the Online Retail Awards, growing to become the most trusted garden furniture ecommerce company. Davidson has been personally recognized by Mainframe Derby Awards in 2019, as an emerging digital star, making a name for himself in ecommerce and digital marketing. Davidson is now the Director and Founder of Contrast, a boutique digital marketing agency specializing in SEO and content marketing specifically for ecommerce.

  1. Kate Huyett

An investment banker turned marketer Kate Huyett, is an experienced digital marketer, operations and financial advisor. Huyett has over 12 years of experience in digital marketing. Currently, Huyett is the CEO of Bombas an ecommerce comfort-focused apparel brand with a mission to help those in need. Launched in 2013, the founders learned that socks are the #1 most requested clothing item at homeless shelters. From there Bombas has grown to donating over 35MM pairs of socks and changing millions of lives. 

  1. Nicole Weiss

Nicole Weiss has more than five years of working in digital marketing and ecommerce. Currently, Weiss serves as the director of integrated marketing at Dagne Dover. Dagne Dover is an online retailer that specializes in creating innovative problem-solving bags.  

  1. Amanda Porter 

Experienced in marketing, Amanda Porter has over 10 years of experience in both ecommerce and apparel. With her experience, Porter is now the VP of Marketing at Alo Yoga. Alo Yoga is a growing ecommerce apparel company focusing on yoga wear.  

  1. Ryan Giunta

With more than 12 years of working in consumer marketing and brand development, Ryan Giunta is an innovative marketer who played a key role in developing globally recognized consumer brands in the US. Giunta has led products from launch through mainstream consumer adoption. Giunta is an entrepreneur who has contributed to the success of many brands through brand development, contract negotiations, sports/entertainment/consumer marketing, sales management and fundraising.

  1. Sasha Clancy McQueen 

A merchandising specialist and brand manager, Sasha Clancy McQueen has more than eight years of experience. Currently, McQueen is leading Morphe through rapid expansion as the Global Brand Senior Manager. Morphe is a cosmetic brand that got its start in ecommerce, now the brand has grown into traditional brick-and-mortar stores. 

  1. Alex Tshering

An experienced marketing and advertising professional, Alex Tshiershing has been working in the digital space for more than eight years. Now, Tshering is the Senior Vice President of FIGS. FIGS is revolutionizing the antiquated $60B medical apparel industry. Through its customer-centric, vertically integrated ecommerce platform, FIGS has transformed the way medical professionals shop.

  1. Caryn Johnson

Experienced in public relations and brand marketing Caryn Johnson has more than 12 years of experience building brands. Johnson is a full-funnel marketing leader who is pioneering the health & wellness space. Currently, Johnson is the Chief Marketing Officer at Vital Proteins, a nutrition and wellness ecommerce company that has grown to over $100M in sales per year. 

  1. Louise Cruttenden 

Creative marketing and innovative director. Louise Cruttenden has over 20 years of experience building some of the most iconic brands. Currently, Cruttenden is the Marketing Director of HULE, a wholefood ecommerce brand that has grown to sell over 100M meals in 100 different countries. In 2017, Cruttenden was honored by TimeWise as a Top 50 trailblazer in leadership and flexible working. 

  1. Rebecca Traverzo

A consumer-centric, digital-first global marketer with more than 20 years of experience in brand development and growth strategies. Rebecca Traverzo has worked with brands including Calvin Klein, P&G's Gillette Franchise, Johnson & Johnson, Verizon Wireless, and Burger King. With her extensive knowledge of growth and lifecycle marketing channels such as SEO/SEM, e-mail and CRM, Traverzo is now the Vice President of marketing at ThridLove an ecommerce fashion and apparel company disrupting a $100B market. 

  1. Wilton Gorske

Wilton Gorske is a market-driven ecommerce and digital marketing professional with a background in fashion design. Gorske has specialized in integrating creative strategy, marketing, and ecommerce with an eye for digital and social. In Gorske’s experience, he has worked with brands including Nautica, Robert Geller, Tim Coppens, Siki Im, Under Armour, Disney, Opening Ceremony, KARA, and Equinox. Currently, Wilton oversees the marketing team at Taylor Stitch, a heritage menswear brand, and previously all-digital at Mission Workshop, an innovative bag and technical-apparel brand in the Bay Area.

  1. Michael Plater 

Michael Plater has over eight years of working with high-growth tech and ecommerce companies. Plater helped grow business from thousands of users to more than 1M. Plater has led Walmarts ecommerce division managing multi-million dollar campaigns and expanding its CRM channel. Currently, Plater is the Head of Marketing at Public Goods a startup ecommerce company specializing in high-quality consumer goods. 

  1. Kati Karadimas 

With 11 years of marketing experience, Kati Karadims is a strategic growth driver focused on new customer acquisition. Karadimas has spent most of my career working in early and mid-stage ecommerce start-ups. Her expertise is primarily in building performance marketing programs by means of consumer data and website user experience. Karadimas is the Director of Customer Acquisition at Boll & Branch, a D2C home goods ecommerce company. 

  1. Milo Chao 

With almost 30 years of high-impact marketing communications experience, Milo Chao is a renowned brand strategist. Chao has helped craft successful integrated strategies for some of the largest multinationals, state-owned enterprises, and tech start-ups. In the last four years, Chao has acted as an advisor to close to a hundred tech start-ups focusing on everything from machine learning to cryptocurrency to blockchain. Chao is now the Head of Marketing at simplehuman, a consumer goods startup. 

  1. Amanda Nelson

Amanda Nelson has more than 10 years of experience in digital marketing and digital merchandising. Nelson has built ecommerce teams to launch campaigns and grow digital retailers. Now Nelson is the Vice President of ecommerce at Corkcicle. Corkcicle is an ecommerce startup focused on consumer goods. 

  1. Yoon-Ji Nam 

Yoon-Ji Nam is an experienced growth strategist. Nam has advised clients in consumer, retail and media industries, on topics ranging from go-to-market to top-line growth strategies and consumer segmentation development and cost optimization. Nam is now the Head of Growth at Magic Spoon, a food and beverage startup.

  1. Betsy Fargo 

Betsy Fargo is a brand strategist with over 10 years of experience in consulting on corporate strategy, marketing, customer engagement, organizational design, cost management, M&A, and FP&A. Fargo’s work has spanned a variety of industries, including retail, consumer products, financial services, healthcare, tech, private equity, and the nonprofit sector. Now Fargo serves as the Chief Marketing Officer of Sakara Life. Sakara Life is a wellness startup delivering fresh, organic ready-to-eat meals, snacks, and supplements to homes nationwide.

  1. Joseph Cody 

Joseph Cody has more than five years of experience in media analytics and marketing.  Currently, the Growth Marketing Manager at EightSleep, Cody is an experienced startup marketer. In 2018 EightSleep was named as one of FastCompany’s most innovative companies in consumer technology. 

  1. Steve M. 

With 11 years of experience working with Amazon and other ecommerce marketplace sites, Steve M. has helped both startup and large scale ecommerce companies tailor a business model allowing online marketplace sales to complement their existing businesses in a scalable and profitable way. Steve has built ecommerce brands, producing new opportunities, optimizing marketing spend. Currently, Steve is the Director of the ecommerce Marketplace at Case-Mate. 

  1. Christain Azer 

With over 10 years of growth marketing experience in launching, building and scaling e-commerce brands. Christian Azer is a seasoned professional skilled at creating and implementing the growth marketing strategies required to acquire new customers across digital marketing channels including SEO, paid search, social, display, programmatic, affiliate, media partnerships, re-marketing, and email campaigns as well as direct mail, OTT, podcasts, and influencers. Azer has extensive experience with subscription models and with both SMB and DTC products, and now is the Vice President of Digital Marketing at THINX, a fashion and apparel ecommerce startup. 

  1. Web Smith

An experienced entrepreneur, Web Smith has experience in helping ecommerce brands identify their product-market-fit to propel their brand to success. Smith has spent most of my time at the crux of digital media and ecommerce. Most recently working for and then In his experience, Smith has been featured in the Morning Brew, Recode, Digiday, WWD, The Hustle, Lean Luxe, New York Times, TechCrunch, PandoDaily, Wall Street Journal, and Esquire. Smith is now the founder of 2PM, a subscription-based media company and consultancy for commerce industry insiders.

  1. Taylor Sicard

Taylor Sicard has more13 years of experience advising ecommerce companies helping them build, scale, grow and improve their businesses. Working with both merchants and service providers Sicard helps better the online shopping experience. Sicard had worked with Merchants that range from startups to 9-figure businesses and service providers. Sicars is the Co-Founder of Win Brands Group, a community of leading e-commerce brands.  

  1. Nik Sharma

Nik Sharma is the CEO of Sharma Brands, a strategic-initiatives firm working with a wide range of brands to help grow and scale revenue across digital platforms. With a longstanding history of startup advising, Sharma is one of AdWeek’s Young & Influential, Forbes 30 under 30. Sharma has spent his career as an advisor to some of the fastest-growing brands in commerce.

  1. Aaron Orendorff

The former Shopify Editor and Chief, Aaron Orendof is an experienced marketing communications professional. In his time at Shopify, Orendorff has covered the future of ecommerce, B2B ecommerce and new innovative ecommerce strategies. Currently, Orendorff is the Vice President of Marketing at Common Thread Collective, an ecommerce growth agency guiding brands to scale beyond $2M-$30M in annual revenue — across visitors, conversion rate, and lifetime value.

  1. Alicia Thomas

Alicia Thomas has 7 years of digital communications and marketing. Thomas is an experienced marketing analyst with award-winning work featured on A Better Lemonade Stand, TechCrunch, Performance Marketer, and Shopify Plus. As an early employee at Klaviyo, Thomas helped grow the company more than 10X. Now, Thomas is the Director of Community at Postscript an  SMS platform for Shopify stores. Thomas has also worked with ecommerce brands across the globe to help scale their marketing through content and community building.

  1. Kaleigh Moore

Kaleigh Moore is a blog content creator, researcher, and reporter. Moore works with clients including  Shopify and AT&T. Moores’ experience also covers retail, D2C and sustainable fashion for publications like Vogue Business, Forbes, Glossy, Inc. Magazine, Entrepreneur, and Fast Company. Moore is the Co-Founder of Lumen Ventures LLC. where she specializes in writing SEO blog content for ecommerce platforms and the software that integrates with them.

  1. Chase Diamond 

An experienced growth marketer,  user acquisition and ecommerce professional, Chase Diamond has 6 years in building brands from startup to exit. Currently, Diamond is building Boundless Labs, a top ecommerce email marketing agency. Since launching Boundless Labs in June of 2018, Diamond has helped clients send over 100M emails resulting in over $50 million in email attributable revenue.

  1. Ezra Firestone

Ezra Firestone is a renowned ecommerce expert. As the founder of Smart Marketer Inc., Firestone has built a career in training startup ecommerce companies in Content marketing, conversion optimization, listing Amazon products, building websites, web traffic and advertising. In 2016, Firestone on behalf of Smart Marketer, established Zipify, a company focused on developing Shopify ecommerce applications. Through Zipify, Smart Marketer uses its expertise in marketing, ecommerce and the Shopify platform to create applications to help Shopify store owners grow their businesses. 

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