May 18, 2022

7 Top Ecom Marketers And Their Best Tips

We've created a roundup of 7 top ecommerce marketing experts and their best tips to help you grow your store. You can implement all of these tips today, and be sure to follow these experts online to get even more tips to grow your store.

Shanif Dhanani

Great marketers and their great tips

Today, it seems like everyone and their mom has an ecommerce store. Thousands of brands are popping up selling all sorts of consumable products. While this variety is great for consumers, it makes it harder for a growing ecommerce brand to stand out. Having a great marketer on your side can make the difference between growing your business with new and repeat sales and going bust. Today, ecommerce is all about marketing.

Fortunately, we've built relationships with some great marketers who are ready to provide their best tips to help our readers grow. We've put together this list of 7 of the best marketers we've met, and they've kindly agreed to provide their favorite marketing tip to help you grow your business. We hope these nuggets of gold will help you drive more sales and up your marketing game. If you'd like an intro to any of them, just reach out to anyone on the Apteo team or visit their websites.


1. Pam Lee

Bio: Pam is an expert digital marketer whose previous roles span healthcare and web development. She has years of experience and is now a freelance marketer helping quickly growing ecommerce brands create expertly crafted email and paid social campaigns. Pam feels blessed to work with clients she loves and to be working from home so she can always be with her two mini schnauzers! Pam has been a long-time partner of Apteo and we wholeheartedly endorse her skills!

Her best marketing tip: The core and success of your marketing relies on how effectively you can build relationships with your customers - understanding their needs and using your tech stack to adeptly cue into those needs and address them. So much easier said than done, but that’s the fun and creative challenge posed by digital marketing. Stay open to learning and adopting new tech and tactics - it’ll help you deliver the best outcomes for your clients. Cheers!

Where to find her:

2. Chase Dimond

Bio: Chase is currently a Partner at Structured — a top ecommerce marketing agency, where he runs the email team. Since June of 2018, they’ve helped their clients send over a billion emails resulting in over $100 million in email attributable revenue. A few of their previous and current clients include: Orgain, The Chive, Original Grain, and CrossNet.

His best marketing tip: What you can use in your AMP emails:
• Dynamic Content
• Layout
• Media

By leveraging AMP, your email subscribers can take actions directly within your email rather than clicking out to a website or landing page to complete an action.

For example, without AMP, your email subscribers need to click a link within your email to visit a webpage, that then allows them to RSVP to an event, take a survey, verify their email address, browse an online catalog of your products, and more.

With AMP, you can embed those experiences natively in the email itself, hence, you can expect higher conversions and deliver an overall better user experience.

Where to find him: @ecomchasedimond

3. Dylan Kelley

Bio: Dylan Kelley is the CEO of Wavebreak, a leading email & CRM agency for consumer brands. Top brands hire Wavebreak to optimize maximize email & SMS marketing performance. He’s also the host of the popular Wavebreak Podcast focused on DTC marketing.

His best marketing tip: Most brands are too focused on top of funnel and not focused enough on existing customers and lifecycle marketing. Today is it not enough to have a "good" program, you need to be "great" and continue to optimize your email & SMS strategy. For a $100mm brand recently, our test uncovered that positive messaging (ex: focus on more energy) outperformed negative messaging (ex: focus lack of energy). After we run strategic tests like this for months with a client, they see 30-300% increases in revenue YoY.

Where to find him: @dylanmkelley

4. Kane Lewandowski

Bio: Kane is the founder and TikToker in Chief over at Virtual Spark. They are the only white-label marketing agency that offers only TikTok Ads. Their goal is to help brands tap into TikTok's potential and scale!

His best marketing tip: My all-time favorite strategy is to send traffic to a landing page that collects visitors' email or phone numbers in exchange for content, free value, or a discount. The next step is to use platforms such as Apteo to send out personalized emails which boost conversion rates and decrease cost per acquisition. We also may use other social media for remarketing purposes such as Facebook, to help push traffic back into a funnel.

Where to find him:

5. Jason Ciment

Bio: Jason Ciment manages Get Visible, a 17-year veteran digital marketing agency that offers website creation, SEO, social media and online advertising services.

His best marketing tip: Create 1-2 minute videos on different aspects of the products in your catalog. Display the videos on the product pages AND create a YouTube channel for your company to house the videos as well. Try to create one video per day on average so that by year end you will have at least 250 videos. You can also transcribe the videos using and repost them inside your blog. Finally take the videos and put them in your Instagram channel too.

Where to find him:

6. Joe Dejene

Bio: Joe Dejene is a former engineer and firefighter turned performance marketer. He founded Duckweed Media in 2019 after seeing that most marketing agencies don't treat their clients as true partners. A normal day in Joe's life includes structuring paid traffic & email campaigns, choking out his friends at Jiu-jitsu, writing new ads and occasionally still putting out fires.

His best marketing tip: One of his favorite marketing tactics that has helped him to rapidly find the best ad angles and creatives in half of the usual time and at 30% the cost of most media buyers spend on creative testing is CBO creative testing. In one CBO campaign, We'll dedicate ~10% of the account's daily spend, with 2-4 ad sets and 2-3 creatives per ad set. We use dynamic creative ad sets and assign one angle to each ad set (ex. the first ad set angle can be "Our probiotics improve your immune system" the second ad set angle can be "Our probiotics keep your stomach feeling happy", etc). We'll use 2-3 creatives in each dynamic ad set. We'll let this test run up to 5-10x target CPA. Once we find the winning angle, we then test each creative from that angle in an ABO campaign to the absolute best performing creative.

Where to find him: @joedejene

7. Monica Bansal

Bio: Monica Bansal is head of marketing at Hustler Marketing, an ecommerce retention marketing agency, with a vast experience with digital marketing across ecommerce and tech.

Her best marketing tip: Everyone knows that email marketing is important, but more often than not, ecommerce stores miss out on some crucial flows or "automated emails". One such group of emails is the "Abandoned" series, namely Abandon Cart, Abandon Checkout and the less famous "Browse Abandon" flows. You have to have these flows set up, whether inhouse or with the help of an agency. Together these flows alone can generate up to 25% of your entire email revenue, and up to 5-7% of your overall store revenue. Most stores have a basic "Abandon Checkout" set up which triggers an email or a series of email (flows) when a customer abandons a checkout, but you'll be surprised to know that there is also a "browse abandon", which is a flow that triggers when someone just leaves the site after abandoning a browse. This email automatically lists the products the customer was looking at and coupled with a strong CTA can bring them closer to converting.

Where to find her:

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