Introducing Predictive Insights by Apteo

Shanif Dhanani
Shanif Dhanani
Co-Founder and CEO, Apteo

The Most Exciting Thing We’ve Built

At Apteo, our mission is to give every person the tools to become a data scientist. With our new Predictive Insights feature, we are one step closer to achieving that mission with a platform that helps you connect, visualize, analyze, predict, and share data with your team.

Our new Predictive Insights module is a no-code solution for professionals who want to use data to automatically find the key drivers of their KPIs but may not have a background as a data scientist or machine learning engineer. With this new feature, you can identify the segments of your data that make the biggest impact on your KPIs and use A.I. to create predictions from machine learning models specifically built from your data. With each prediction, you'll also get an explanation of the attributes that had the biggest impact on your results. Best of all, no technical experience is needed.

What Can Predictive Insights Do For You?

From recommending new products to optimizing hotel room prices, A.I. is used around us every day to help companies serve their customers better. However, many companies don’t have the resources to hire a data scientist (let alone an army of them!) or the technical experience to create A.I. models from their data. That’s where our Predictive Insights module comes in. We've designed the system so all you'll need to do is organize and connect your data, click a few buttons, and then you'll get your results. Our system handles all the complicated machine learning work for you behind the scenes, including doing things like transforming your attributes, cross-validating models, and analyzing the statistical significance of any insights that we find.

Using our new feature, you can create segments of your data to understand and identify what's really driving your KPI. The following is just a few areas where our new feature can help customers better understand their metrics:

We’re seeing users work with data in new and exciting ways every day. If you have a specific use case for predictive analytics, schedule time to chat.

How Do Predictive Insights Work?

We’ve designed Apteo Predictive Insights for professionals with no coding experience. You can start generating predictions in just a few minutes.

Connect Your Data

Connect your data wherever it lives

Tell Us Your KPI

What do you want to analyze?

Select Attributes

What data do you want to use for your analysis?

Get Your Insights

Automatically surface the key drivers of your KPI

Sophisticated A.I. With No Effort

Predictive Insights makes the latest A.I. technology available to users who may not have data science or coding experience with an easy to use front-end. Our system automatically handles many of the tedious tasks that would normally take up a large chunk of your data science team's day, including the following:

  • Transforming numerical attributes by standardizing them and handling outliers automatically
  • Transforming categorical attributes into machine-readable format
  • Training and testing your data on a variety of different algorithms using cross-validation with automatically selected fold sizes
  • Automatically removing insights that are not statistically significant or are redundant
  • Deploying, hosting, and serving models that you can use to generate your own predictions
  • Enabling easy model refresh capabilities from your data
  • Identifying and visualizing the attributes that make an impact on your KPI at both the global (overall) and local (individual prediction) levels

Build Your First A.I. Model In 5 Minutes

Feel free to take our Predictive Insights for a test drive today, and if you have any questions, we'd be happy to provide a free 30-minute consultation, just set up some time on our calendar. You can get started for free by creating a workspace and uploading your data in just a few minutes.

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Shanif Dhanani
Shanif Dhanani
Co-Founder and CEO, Apteo

Shanif Dhanani is the co-founder & CEO of Apteo. Prior to Apteo, Shanif was a data scientist and software engineer at Twitter, and prior to that he was the lead engineer and head of analytics at TapCommerce, a NYC-based ad tech startup acquired by Twitter. He has a passion for all things data and analytics, loves adventure traveling, and generally loves living in New York City.

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