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May 15, 2022

New Product Segments And Segment Analytics

We've rolled out new, advanced segmentation features to make it easier for you to create high-performing, personalized marketing campaigns.

Shanif Dhanani

Advanced Segment Features

Today we're happy to announce some new segmentation features to make it easier for you to generate campaign ideas. The video above gives you a quick, 2-minute overview of the changes, designed to help you deeply understand your customers' behaviors. The update features three key improvements:

  1. New segments based on products that people have purchased in the past
  2. Advanced product analytics
  3. A new interface for the segment details page

1. Purchased product segments

We chat frequently with ecommerce marketers to learn more about their workflows and understand their needs. One of their biggest challenges is to come up with new campaign ideas and audiences based on data. Many of them have tried to do their own data analytics to find patterns across people who have bought certain products in the past and what they're likely to buy next. Today, that's no longer necessary.

While we've always had segments based on products that customers are likely to buy next, today we're introducing segments based on products that customers have already purchased. This makes it easier for you to quickly identify people that you specifically want to target based on their behavior, and combined with our new product analytics feature, it makes it easy for you to target them with new product promotions based on aggregated stats from everyone in the segment.

2. Advanced product analytics

To make it easier for you to understand what your customers are doing, we've added additional analytics to each segment. You'll now be able to see financial metrics in a time series chart, which will help you know how much each segment is bringing in from a sales perspective. We've also added new product metrics to help you quickly see which products are most popular with each segment. You'll be able to see a product breakdown and high-level product metrics specific to each segment. Previously, this functionality was only available across all your customers.

3. A better UX

Our Segment Details page was starting to get a little bit crowded, so we've added a new tabbed interface to make it easy to quickly browse a segment. You can now quickly flip through several key pages that separate high-level segment metrics, including an Overview page for financials, Product Analytics for buying behavior, Campaigns for campaign suggestions, Customers to quickly see who is in your segment, and Integrations, to see what tools your segment is plugged into.

Personalized Marketing

Segmenting your customers is one of the fastest, easiest, and most effective way to personalize your marketing campaigns. By showing different groups of customer different products, offers, and messages, you maximize your conversion rates and grow your customer lifetime value. If you need help using your customer data to personalize your marketing or optimize your segments, we'd be happy to help - just reach out to us at or visit our website at

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Shanif Dhanani
Co-Founder and CEO, Apteo

Shanif Dhanani is the co-founder & CEO of Apteo. Prior to Apteo, Shanif was a data scientist and software engineer at Twitter, and prior to that he was the lead engineer and head of analytics at TapCommerce, a NYC-based ad tech startup acquired by Twitter. He has a passion for all things data and analytics, loves adventure traveling, and generally loves living in New York City.