Sep 7, 2021

The 3 Elements of a Successful Growth Marketing Campaign

How do you grow your ecommerce business in 2021? The answer is in marketing. Here’s what you need to know to launch a successful growth marketing campaign!

Ryan Gould

Successful growth marketing campaigns don’t just happen overnight—they need to be planned in order to reap success. Here, we will look at the three essential elements of a successful growth marketing campaign, and take you through examples of how they have been used to drive growth amongst some of the top players in the industry.

3 Elements of a Successful Growth Marketing Campaign

For some, digital marketing can seem to be like rocket science. With all the changes constantly occurring in the digital marketing world, it can be difficult to decipher what marketing tactics would actually work best for your business. That’s why we wanted to share a few of the top  elements you will find in just about every successful  growth marketing campaign. Let’s dive in.

1. The Omnichannel Experience

One of the most important elements of a growth campaign is ensuring that it is an omnichannel experience for your customers. What is an “omnichannel experience”? 

The omnichannel experience, in essence, is how well your business efforts are integrated across all your different communication channels. Whether it be in-store or digitally, ensuring that your brand message is seamless across all brand platforms or channels is critical to the end user’s overall customer experience. Examples you need to watch out for include: 

  • Mobile Apps
  • Social Media Shopping
  • In-Store
  • Website

All in all, having an optimal omnichannel experience will be the key factor that will send your business over the edge while delighting your customers along the way. You will always want to look for ways to make your ideal customer’s purchase easier, not more complicated. And, having an omnichannel experience does just that. 

Let’s take a peek at how Starbucks uses the omnichannel experience to delight coffee fanatics across the US. 

Business Example: The Omnichannel Experience 

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It’s no secret that Starbucks takes their omnichannel experience seriously — on and offline. Through the Starbucks rewards app, customers can earn loyalty reward points for free products and discounts with every purchase they make. The app also capitalizes on certain special holidays like birthdays to let their customers know that they care by offering them a complimentary beverage or food item. This entices the customer to continue buying Starbucks coffee and reloading their mobile “card” through the app. 

In a rush? The Starbucks app allows users to book their order ahead of time so that by the time they arrive at the store, their coffee and bagel are ready for pick up!  Starbucks truly does everything in its power to make the app to in-person experience memorable and seamless. 

In every respect, utilizing the omnichannel experience approach works for Starbucks because it streamlines the purchase process for the end-customer while driving sales growth year-over-year. This is why so many coffee lovers are still to this day using the Starbucks Rewards app to make their Starbucks orders and other purchases with the brand. 

2. Full-Funnel Focus

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Another element to focus on in your marketing efforts is the marketing/sales funnel. 

When launching any business initiative, you want to make sure that you are focusing on every single part of the ecommerce purchase funnel —  in equal measure. No matter what stage of the funnel your buyer is in, it’s important to take each stage as seriously as the next. 

This means that you shouldn’t focus solely on sales or solely on marketing. Or, the decision stage over the awareness stage. 

All initiatives are equally as important as the other and shouldn’t be overlooked because each stage of the funnel has a significant impact on boosting your bottom line and getting your ideal buyer to the finish line. (I mean, that is the goal right?) In this business case, we are going to show you what utilizing the full-funnel looks like in a real-world example.  

Business Example: Full-Funnel Focus

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Basecamp is a project management software company that helps businesses stay organized and alleviate stress through their user-friendly platform. They utilize the full-funnel approach by having marketing initiatives in all of the stages of the buyer’s journey. This includes the: 

  • Awareness Stage: Blog, PR
  • Consideration Stage: 30-day free trial, “before and after” testimonials
  • Decision Stage: Having a pricing page

The full-funnel approach is successful for them because they have marketing content at each stage in the buyer’s journey. This enables them to meet their customers where they are at no matter where they are in the decision-making process.

3. Staying Agile

Lastly, you will want to stay agile (or flexible) with your marketing campaigns. You  never know what could happen in the ecommerce industry or social landscape of the world. And, you always want to ensure that your messaging is on point and timely before the eyes of your customers. (You wouldn’t want to release messaging during a somber time in the country or continue to release messaging that isn’t gaining any traction.) Let’s take a look at how a major digital infrastructure company stayed flexible with their marketing efforts. 

Business Example: Staying Agile

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Equinix, a digital infrastructure company, had an inconsistent style and tone that didn’t relate to their campaign theme. This caused their bottom line to suffer, and the team was scrambling to come up with ways to overcome these challenges. Because the Equinix team was flexible and agile, they were able to create more compelling and relevant campaigns to help them reach their goals!

If you are interested in reading the full case study, you can download it here: Equinix Writing, Editing & Engaging Storylines

Set Your Business Up for Success

With the fast-paced changes of our global economy, it's important to stay ahead of the curve. And, a successful growth marketing campaign will help get your business there. By keeping the three elements in mind, your business will start to see your KPIs rise and bottom line soar. 


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