Sep 7, 2021

The Customer Journey and Growing Sales: How Apteo Can Help

Dive into how Apteo's smart segments can help ecommerce stores grow sales. We cover strategies ecommerce businesses can implement using advanced customer segmentation to map their customer journey.

James Uzzalino

Growing sales is an ongoing goal for most, if not all, ecommerce businesses. After launching, many online stores eventually start to see sales that plateau. Tailoring a marketing strategy to match your store’s unique customer journey will prevent stagnation and foster growth in sales revenue.

Sales primarily occur in the acquisition and retention phases of the customer journey. They complement each other because there is an opportunity to turn newly acquired customers into repeat customers, which supports ongoing sustainable growth for ecommerce businesses.

This piece is part of a series of use cases showing how Apteo’s platform guides data-driven, customer-focused marketing strategies. In this piece, you’ll learn which of Apteo’s Smart Segments are suited to targeting for sales growth and how to approach those segments with common touchpoints.

Apteo’s Smart Segments that Support Sales Growth

Apteo automatically generates audience segments, known as Smart Segments, with data gathered from your ecommerce store. Using A.I., Apteo analyzes customer behavior and assigns them to the appropriate segments so you can get a detailed overview of your customer base.

Five of these segments are directly related to sales growth, a goal for any successful ecommerce company. Here’s the breakdown of the Smart Segments you should engage that will help your ecommerce business increase sales:

Big Spenders

Big Spenders are the segment of your audience that spends more than the average customer. Not only do they make large purchases, they also order at least as frequently as average customers. Big Spenders tend to be engaged customers, so they are responsive to touchpoints your business uses to facilitate the customer journey.

Discount Seekers

Discount Seekers are the segment of your audience that is more likely to make a purchase when they’re offered a discount. This can be in the form of sales, discount codes, or loyalty rewards. It may seem counterinrtuitive, but Discount Seekers can be a huge source of revenue from purchases. They are engaged customers because they are always on the lookout for deals. This opens opportunities for your ecommerce store to drive more sales from this segment.

High-Income Customers

High-Income Customers are the portion of your customers who live in the top ten percent of wealthiest ZIP codes in the United States. These customers have more disposable income and may be responsive to upselling and cross-selling, making boosting sales a breeze when you target them.

Recent First-Time Buyers

Recent First-Time Buyers are customers who made their first purchase within the last seven days. This segment is a great audience to target with product recommendations and add-ons based on their first purchase so you can snag a second (or third!) sale from a single customer in a short amount of time.

Small Fish

Small Fish are customers who don’t spend much money on your online store. There could be any number of reasons for this, from less disposable income to uncertainty about your product. Regardless, your business can and should still reach out to Small Fish: Think of them as a just-barely-tapped market that holds more opportunity for consistent sales.

3 Smart Segment Use Cases to Improve Sales Growth

Apteo’s Essential Guide to Ecommerce Customer Journeys laid out touchpoints, or tactics for engaging customers, for each step of the customer journey. The acquisition and retention stages provide opportunities to engage new customers and keep existing customers returning to make purchases.

Apteo’s Smart Segments are designed to help you know which customers to target and when. Here are a few use cases that detail how you can use the data from your store’s Smart Segments to bolster your use of acquisition and retention stage touchpoints:


Email is one of the most effective touchpoints at almost any stage of the customer journey. It boasts an impressive ROI, so it’s a great choice to incorporate into any ecommerce marketing effort. As an ecommerce business, email addresses are relatively easy to obtain and give you an opportunity to tailor personalized messages to your customer segments.

Apteo is designed to aid ecommerce businesses to generate personalized email campaigns and hone your email marketing strategy. You can use Apteo to export customer email addresses directly from any segment and import those addresses to whichever email marketing platform you use, like Klaviyo, Mailchimp, Omnisend, and more. 

Growing sales with email marketing requires messaging that is targeted to your store’s specific segments. Use what you know about your segments, like what draws them to your product, to tailor email copy and design to resonate with whichever segment you’re working with. If you need some inspiration, check out these examples and templates to help you get started.

All of the above Smart Segments are likely responsive to the inclusion of product recommendations, so include those regularly in your copy and throughout your touchpoints.


SMS marketing, or text marketing, is a touchpoint that uses brevity and immediacy to increase conversions. Text message marketing should not be used in place of email marketing—SMS marketing comes with its own set of best practices that should be followed if your business uses it. Instead, diversify your touchpoints and carefully plan your messaging to make the most of SMS.

Apteo can help you reach the most receptive SMS audiences in a similar manner to email marketing. Apteo will store any available phone number provided by the customer, which you can import into Klaviyo with direct integration, or you can export the phone numbers and upload into your chosen SMS marketing service.

Facebook Ad Retargeting

A touchpoint for acquisition and retention that sometimes goes under the radar is Facebook ad retargeting. This isn’t your average social media ad campaign—retargeting entails selecting specific segments to keep them engaged with your online store. With 2.8 billion monthly active users, Facebook is an effective site to get your message in front of customers and drive sales numbers.

Custom audiences, like Apteo’s Smart Segments, can be imported into your Facebook Ad Manager by uploading a .csv or .txt file into a Custom Audience. Smart Segments are exported as a .csv, so you can upload it right into Facebook and have your Apteo segments match your Facebook audiences.

Keeping your Facebook Custom Audiences synced up with your Apteo segments makes it easy to execute a retargeting campaign directed at your store’s segments that are most receptive to efforts to help your store boost its sales.

Apteo is Here to Help

If you’re looking for a data-backed solution to help your ecommerce store grow sales, try Apteo for free to learn how Apteo’s Smart Segments can keep your customers engaged and increase purchases. 


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