Simple options for busy teams

Pay a flat monthly fee for either the software itself or for our team's campaign management services in combination with the software. See below for our ROI guarantee.

Use Apteo to manage your own campaigns

Pay a flat fee based on the number of customers that Apteo analyzes for you every month

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Have our team manage your campaigns for you

We'll manage all of your campaigns and roll the cost of the app into a single monthly fee

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Over 1,000 data-driven marketers use Apteo to grow sales with their customer data

Only pay if we make you money

We'll provide a full refund if you haven't made more money than you've spent on us up to the first two months of your subscription as long as you meet the following qualifying criteria:

Have at least 1,000 historical orders

Our A.I. works best when it has enough data to learn from. If you have at least 1,000 historical orders, you'll qualify for the ROI guarantee.

Sell at least ten products

Our cross-sell recommendations work best when a brand is selling multiple products. With ten or more products, you'll qualify for the ROI guarantee.

Do a kickoff call with our team

To ensure you're making the most of Apteo and qualify for the ROI guarantee, we'll do a kickoff call to get you started

Implement all suggested campaigns

Based on your store's data, we'll provide a list of recommended campaigns that you should implement to drive sales

Be a D2C brand selling consumer goods

While Apteo works with most ecommerce brands, the ROI guarantee applies to D2C brands that sell consumer goods

Request a refund by the end of month 2

If you're not happy with the ROI of Apteo, contact us by the end of your second month and we'll provide a refund on your monthly subscription to that point

Frequently Asked Questions

Have any other questions? Just chat with us by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the page

Can I try Apteo before I pay?

Yes! We offer a fully comprehensive free trial, and many of our customers make a significant amount of sales just on their trials alone. You can see details on our Free Trial page.

Will you help me set up my campaigns?

Yes! Our team can help you with campaign strategy, design, execution, project management, and reporting both during and after the free trial.

What happens at the end of my free trial?

Once your trial expires, you'll be automatically downgraded to our free plan, which doesn't cost anything and limits you to 500 customers.

Do I need to commit to a long-term contract?

We charge on a monthly basis and no long-term contracts are required. You can get a 20% discount if you sign up to an annual subscription.

"Apteo reveals new business insights in an incredibly simple, user-friendly way. Measuring KPIs has never been so easy! I recommend this platform."

Jude Ahor
Customer Support Specialist

Don't take our word for it, take theirs

Here are some of our satisfied customers that have seen the results they were looking for with Apteo.

"Apteo helped us find cross-sale opportunities that increased our incremental revenue and grew our reconversion rate by an additional 20%."

Aly Shakoor
Owner/Operator At Hydronize

"Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock