Flexible Pricing Based On Your Store

Apteo offers pricing based on the number of customer profiles (unique individuals or organizations that have placed a previous order). Pay based how many profiles you want to include in your segments and customer recommendations.

How many customers have bought from you?
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As Part Of Your Subscription, You Get:
  • Unlimited seats for your whole team
  • Ongoing customer analysis starting from 1 year before signup date
  • Integrations to your email, SMS, and Facebook accounts
  • Personalized product recommendations for all customers
  • Automatic segments based on customer behavior, gender, collection affinity, and top product recommendations
  • Support via email and in-app chat
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When you connect your store to Apteo, we automatically import the last 12 months of order, customer, and product data. To import additional data, please contact us.

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Custom Pricing

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Unlimited segmentation and exports
Unlimited email recipients
Custom data integrations and integration of third party data
Custom reports and analytics based on your data model and schema
Direct Slack access to the core team for immediate support
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What can I do with Apteo?

Our customers use our product recommendations to target the customers and segments that we identify as high-potential buyers. They'll generally use emails and ads on social media to retarget customers with the products that they're recommended to buy.

How does it work?

Getting started with Apteo is pretty easy. Simply connect your backend payments or ecommerce system, and we'll pull in all your data, predict which of your customers are likely to return, create behavioral segments, and provide you with retention metrics to help you optimize your store.

Does Apteo integrate with my ecommerce platform?

Apteo integrates with a large number of ecommerce systems, including Shopify, BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Magento, Squarespace, and even payments providers like Square and Stripe. If you have any questions about our integrations, please feel free to contact us!

How does Apteo handle data security?

Apteo takes data security extremely seriously and employs many industry best practices when processing client data. All data is encrypted both at rest and in transit. Data processing systems are located behind VPCs and firewalls, and access to data is controlled using public/private keys, which are limited to based on a least access principle.

How much does Apteo cost?

Apteo uses a tiered model for our pricing. View our Pricing page for more details.

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"Apteo reveals new business insights in an incredibly simple, user-friendly way. Measuring KPIs has never been so easy! I recommend this platform."

Jude Ahor
Customer Support Specialist

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Here are some of our satisfied customers that have seen the results they were looking for with Apteo.

"Apteo helped us find cross-sale opportunities that increased our incremental revenue and grew our reconversion rate by an additional 20%."

Aly Shakoor
Owner/Operator At Hydronize

"Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock