Get actionable insights from customer data

Identify product journeys, discover products that are frequently bought together, identify your most valuable customers, and more with our actionable analytics.

Help analyze my data

Predict Every Customer's Lifetime Value

Figure out which of your customers are likely to buy more, and which are never going to come back with our A.I.-generated customer lifetime value estimates.

Product Analytics

Identify what products your customers buy together, what your gateway products are, what's the lifetime value of anyone who buys any product, and more.

Bundles And Frequently Bought Together

Understand the buying behaviors of your repeat customers, how often they buy, and the average time that passes in between each purchase that they make.

In-depth analytics on your customers' journeys

Get detailed information about the products that your customers are buying and the journeys that they take through your store

"Apteo helped us find so many holes and opportunities in our marketing efforts, specifically for email, SMS and our website. Since using their powerful AI analytics, we've been able to hyper-target our customer base and have seen great results."

Pam Lee
Hanalei E-Commerce + Digital Marketing Manager
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Retention Key Factor Breakdowns

Identify the most important attributes that are associated with future purchases, customer lifetime value, and retention.

The Apteo platform is extremely easy to use. I was able to gain great insights quickly on projects I'm currently working on."

Understand each segment’s value, average time between purchases, and how much of your sales are from repeat purchasers. See predictive metrics like customer lifetime value or average time between purchases.

Caroline Sanson
Product Manager

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Dynamic Email Campaigns

Target your customers with emails for cross-sale and replenishment campaigns based on the products they're most likely to buy next.

Predictive Analytics

Actionable analytics to help you come up with more effective marketing campaigns.