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Customer Segmentation

Automatically segment your customers based on their behavior so you can send them targeted messages, or segment customers yourself based on your own business rules or customer lists

Automatic Customer Segments With A.I.

Our A.I. automatically classifies your users into major segments, like “Big Spenders” or “Discount Seekers”, and keeps these segments up-to-date on a nightly basis. Click a button to automatically synchronize segments to your Klaviyo account so you can send them personalized messages.

Custom Segments With Rules Or Lists

Create your own segments based off of specific transaction behaviors you’d like to identify, and track them daily.

Predictive Analytics For Every Segment

Understand each segment’s number of customers, total order value, average time between purchases per customer, and how much of your sales are from repeat purchasers. See predictive metrics like customer lifetime value or average time between purchases broken down by segment.

Segment Your Customers For Free

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