Personalized Recommendations For Shopify Sites

Use our personalization engine to provide personalized product recommendations to your Shopify store

Personalize my store

Easy setup that our team can help with

No need to fiddle with configurations. Getting started is as simple as copying and pasting code where you want your personalized recommendations to show up. We'll make sure your personalizations match your site's theme.

At-a-glance analytics help you see how you're doing

We automatically identify where your personalizations are coming from and show you a full set of analytics so you can see which pages and placements are driving the most sales from your personalizations.

The Apteo platform is extremely easy to use. I was able to gain great insights quickly on projects I'm currently working on."

Understand each segment’s value, average time between purchases, and how much of your sales are from repeat purchasers. See predictive metrics like customer lifetime value or average time between purchases.

Caroline Sanson
Product Manager