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Product Recommendations And Analytics

See which users are most likely to buy which products, and identify trends and patterns across the products that your users buy

Recommended Cross-Sales Opportunities

We identify which products customers frequently buy together so that when someone ends up buying just a single product, we'll let you know that you have an opportunity to promote a related product to them.

See When Someone Will Make A Repeat Purchase

Even if you have a subscription tier, chances are many of your customers might still be buying one-off purchases every time they want to make another purchase. Apteo helps you see who's likely to make a repeat purchase of a product from your store so you can keep track of your most loyal customers, even when they aren't part of your subscription plan.

Filter Customers By The Products They Purchased

Identify customers based on what they've purchased in the past and track their customer lifetime value over time. See how customers who buy key products come back and make new purchases.

Find The Products Your Customers Will Buy Next

See how the best ecommerce stores are using Apteo to grow their business