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Understand Who's Coming Back

With Apteo, any transactional business can identify its highest risk customers automatically

Identify any customer at risk of leaving

Understand Historical Performance

Before you optimize campaigns, truly understand how each one performed by analyzing your historical data.

Use Your Existing Data

Use customer data that you already have to identify the key characteristics of users that will leave

Predict Future Buyers

Analyze previous behavior patterns to predict who is most likely to purchase and when.

Share Insights

Easily share insights across your entire team in a matter of minutes with our collaborative dashboards.

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Over 1,000 teams use Apteo to understand their customers

"Apteo reveals new business insights in an incredibly simple, user-friendly way. Measuring KPIs has never been so easy! I recommend this platform."

Jude Ahor
Customer Support Specialist

"Apteo's platform easily revealed data insights we used to drive business and sales."

Arash Asady
CEO @ Bits of Stock

"The Apteo platform is extremely easy to use. I was able to gain great insights quickly on projects I'm currently working on."

Caroline Sanson
Product Manager

"Apteo was incredibly simple and easy to use. I was able to plug in my user data and within 1 minute gain insights none of our current data stores and tools could deliver."

Sean Grayson
Ad Tech Engineer

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