Analyze Churn With A.I.

With our Predictive Insights feature, you can identify which patterns in your data are most associated with increased churn.

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The best marketers use data to help attract and retain customers. With Apteo, you can easily connect your existing data and gain complete visibility into your marketing funnel. Identify the customers that are likely to churn, identify the reasons why, and determine the best way to keep them around, all without having to know how to code.

What You Can Do With Apteo

Combat Churn and Increase LTV

Customer lifetime value (LTV) models take a data-driven approach to determine the likely profit each customer will generate over a specific timeframe, as well as when a customer is at risk of churning

  • Surface insights on KPIs you care about
  • Target the most profitable customers
  • Reduce churn

Marketing Attribution to Measure the Effectiveness of Different Channels

Machine learning based attribution is better at automatically surfacing insights from the treasure trove of data you already have at your fingertips about spending across channels

  • Determine when a consumer has been exposed to your marketing
  • Determine the contribution of each campaign in converting a customer
  • Identify the channels that have the highest likelihood of converting a customer based on their behavior

Understand the Full Customer Life Cycle

You need to know how likely website visitors are to return, respond to email, do further research, or make a purchase.

  • Automatically generate data-driven insights into how the leads that you bring in are behaving further down the marketing funnel
  • Understand and identify the customers that are likely to make multiple purchases
  • Intelligently prioritize retargeting and marketing efforts
Self-service dashboards

Self-Service Marketing Dashboards

With Apteo, it’s easy to collaborate and share KPIs in workspaces where everyone on your team can contribute with no technical experience or coding experience. Help simplify the way you create and share data with real-time KPI dashboards with no code A.I. models.

  • Easy data visualizations
  • Point-and-click customer segmentation analysis
  • Data and dashboards that you can keep refreshed on demand

Identify Up-Sell Opportunities

Using customer behavior and purchase data, Apteo can identify which customers will be interested in upgrading, being cross-sold, or up-sell opportunities

Watch How To

Predict Customer Churn

Watch this short clip to see how Apteo helps customers predict churn using actual data


Powerful analytics in a simple interface

You don't need to have a degree in math or data science to use Apteo. We provide the most sophisticated analytics tools in a simple interface, using everyday language, so you can get quick answers to your questions.





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