Interactive Presentations

Create Data-Driven Presentations
With Annotations and Images

Using Apteo's workspaces, dashboards, visualizations, and annotation components, you can create and present your analyses in new and interactive ways.

How It Works
Visualizations let you explore and understand your data using
beautiful charts and graphs. Easily filter, group, and visualize
your data with just a few clicks.
Connect Your Data
Using our data connectors, you can plug in your data whether it lives in a CSV file, database, data warehouse, or API. Once your data's connected, it's easy to keep it up-to-date. No need to download extra software just to create a graph.
Analyze Your Data
Apteo's platform makes it easy for you to explore your data in lots of ways. You can graph it using conditions and groups that you specify, run statistics on it, and build your own A.I. models to create predictions, all without knowing data science.
Share And Collaborate
It's easy to build dashboards out of any of the visualizations that you create. Simply create a new workspace for your team, add your visualizations to your dashboards, invite your team, and set their permissions.
Go Beyond Powerpoint

Annotated And Interactive Presentations

Go beyond slide decks with graphs, charts, analyses, and predictions that you can
use to present your most important points.

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