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Close deals and build relationships with our Predictive Insights feature using data you already have at your fingertips.

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Lead scoring allows your sales team to spend their time where it counts – with customers that are most likely to convert. Poor lead prioritization can have huge implications for your company with missed sales goals, bad customer experiences, poor morale, and turnover. Close deals and build relationships with Apteo Predictive Insights using data you already have at your fingertips.

What You Can Do With Apteo

Prioritize sales leads

Using data already at your fingertips, A.I. based machine learning can score new sales leads using factors that led to revenue creating opportunities in the past. Using data such as website visitation data, incoming customer behavior, company industry and size, and even time of day or month, each lead can be scored with your sales team receiving ranked leads for follow-up.

  • Use data, like website visits, incoming customer behavior, and company industry or size to score your leads
  • Rank your leads from highest to lowest likelihood of conversion
  • Understand what drives leads to go from prospects to closed deals

Reward Your Best Performers

Figure out what your best performers are doing and implement their best practices across the rest of your sales team.

  • Automatically prioritize the best leads with your most experienced salespeople
  • Give rising stars a chance to sell more effectively with simpler deals
  • Identify the characteristics of your best performers that lead them to close more deals

Reduce Turnover and Improve Morale

When your teams know which leads to follow up and which leads to nurture, they’re more compelled to act on them. This leads to higher quota achievement, less turnover, and overall lower sales costs.

Self-service dashboards

Identify Upsell Opportunities

Using customer behavior and purchase data, Apteo can identify which customers will be interested in upgrading, being cross-sold, or up-sell opportunities


Powerful analytics in a simple interface

You don't need to have a degree in math or data science to use Apteo. We provide the most sophisticated analytics tools in a simple interface, using everyday language, so you can get quick answers to your questions.





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