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The Apteo Difference

Apteo is a control panel for ecommerce marketing and analytics, driven by data and powered by A.I.

Send personalized emails

We've made it easy for you to find the products that customers want the most and send them personalized emails with those products. You can use them as the hero image or as a grid of images within your larger email campaign.


Generate campaign ideas

Figure out what your campaigns should promote by looking at what products and collections customers are buying from and use that to structure your emails and ads


Win back at-risk customers

Predict which customers are likely to disappear and send them offers and discounts to make sure they come back and buy again


Segment customers easily

Automatically identify and discover customer segments based on behavior, product affinity, and category affinity without jumping into Excel


Increase cross-sells

Apteo's A.I. will automatically predict which products and collections each of your customers will buy from, so you can market the right products to the right person to grow repeat purchases


Discover customer journeys

If you're on Shopify, we'll show you an aggregate report for where your customers are coming from, and customers on all platforms will get in-depth reports on their customers' product journeys


Forecast customer lifetime value

Our A.I. will predict how much more each of your customers will spend in the future so you can get an accurate view of customer lifetime value


Bundle products intelligently

Discover products that are frequently purchased together and group them into bundles to help increase your average order values